Probiotics and Health Claims ( Salminen  Seppo  )
Probiotics and Health Claims ( Salminen  Seppo  )

Probiotics and Health Claims ( Salminen Seppo ) «9781444329391»

Автор: Salminen Seppo
Серия: John Wiley & Sons Limited
Брэнд: John Wiley & Sons Limited
Артикул: 9781444329391
Цена: 19678.19 руб.

серия: John Wiley & Sons Limited

This book examines the international picture regarding probiotic food applications, placing a particular emphasis on the legal context and assessment procedures of probiotic health claims in the major markets for these products. Health claim legislation is described and the ways in which manufacturers can ensure compliance are discussed. The book also covers the use of meta-analysis to assess available data, and case examples from various regulatory cultures and traditions are included. It will be of interest to food industry scientists, executives and R&D personnel; international regulatory advisers and administrators; researchers, educators and students on food science courses. Key Features: Focuses on health claim legislation for this commercially important food sector Includes chapters on the current situation in all the major world markets including Europe, the USA, Japan, India and China Covers food, feed and pharmaceutical applications of probiotics

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