Bright Hopes ( Pat  Warren  )
Bright Hopes ( Pat  Warren  )

Bright Hopes ( Pat Warren ) «9781474046138»

Автор: Pat Warren
Серия: HarperCollins
Брэнд: HarperCollins
Артикул: 9781474046138
Цена: 382.36 руб.

серия: HarperCollins

WELCOME TO TYLERJOIN THE CROWDSit in the bleachers and catch up on the latest gossip. Share the passions and pastimes of America"s favorite hometown.THE HOMETOWN HERO AND THE LADY COACHPatrick Kelsey, Tyler"s former all-star, is not impressed to learn that Tyler High"s new football coach is a woman. But Pam Casals isn"t what he expects.CAN THEY CREATE A WINNING TEAM?Pam"s bright, vivacious and dedicated. Her infectious enthusiasm inspires everyone around her. Yet, when he tries to get close to her, she backs off. Patrick begins to wonder if there"s something important she isn"t telling him….

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