Ethan ( Diana Palmer  )
Ethan ( Diana Palmer  )

Ethan ( Diana Palmer ) «9781474006767»

Автор: Diana Palmer
Серия: HarperCollins
Брэнд: HarperCollins
Артикул: 9781474006767
Цена: 125.66 руб.

серия: HarperCollins

A killer lies in waitThe note wasn’t a threat, exactly. But for Corey Donahue, who’d witnessed her mother’s murder as a child, it felt menacing. Surprisingly, the one person she trusted to show the note to was a man merely renting a room from her. Traumatised, Corey had never trusted men…until Austin Mendez moved in.Six years undercover had caused Austin to shut everyone out…until Corey. The vulnerability she hid made him yearn to break down the walls around her heart. And, with a killer closing in, two souls were discovering the trust they’d lost – and much more – in each other’s arms.

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