The Girl with the Golden Gun ( Ann  Major  )
The Girl with the Golden Gun ( Ann  Major  )

The Girl with the Golden Gun ( Ann Major ) «9781474024211»

Автор: Ann Major
Серия: HarperCollins
Брэнд: HarperCollins
Артикул: 9781474024211
Цена: 191.56 руб.

серия: HarperCollins

Following a tragic plane crash, no one believed that Golden Spurs ranch heiress Mia Kemble could have survived. And no one is more surprised to find out she"s been languishing in a Mexican prison than loner cowboy Shanghai Knight, Mia"s former lover.Shanghai has fought hard to put the past behind him, and has finally become as successful as the stuck-up Kembles. So why can"t he forget Mia, or their one night of passion? Suddenly Shanghai knows he needs a plan.When Shanghai arrives to save the day, Mia can"t help but wonder if the wild man from her past, the man who broke her heart, has finally been tamed. Or whether he would have come if he knew the truth behind her baby"s paternity. But she"s still in jeopardy–now more than ever. And Shanghai may be the only one who can help.It isn"t over between them. Not even close.

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