Bad Heiress Day ( Allie  Pleiter  )
Bad Heiress Day ( Allie  Pleiter  )

Bad Heiress Day ( Allie Pleiter ) «9781472091192»

Автор: Allie Pleiter
Серия: HarperCollins
Брэнд: HarperCollins
Артикул: 9781472091192
Цена: 382.36 руб.

серия: HarperCollins

What would you do with $1 million?That"s a question Darcy Nightengale never thought she"d need to answer. But a sudden inheritance of just over $1 million begs a more immediate response. And when Darcy learns of her father"s last request that she «give it all away,» she discovers just how quickly big money makes big problems.Her husband believes that charity begins at home. His home. And her children are sure it"s only a matter of time before the presents start rolling in. Right? Darcy wants to do the right thing–as soon as she can figure out what it is. Can the path of righteousness be paved with gold? Darcy"s surprising answer turns her world on end.

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