Glimpses of Glory ( David Adam  )
Glimpses of Glory ( David Adam  )

Glimpses of Glory ( David Adam ) «9780819225337»

Автор: David Adam
Серия: Ingram
Брэнд: Ingram
Артикул: 9780819225337
Цена: 956.09 руб.

серия: Ingram

Glimpses of Glory is the second in a three-volume collection of prayers and other resources based on the new Common Worship Lectionary used widely around the world. Written in the Celtic style for which the author is well-known, and linked to the Sunday readings, these prayers and intercessions may be used by congregations for the Prayers of the People, as well as by individuals seeking to supplement their personal devotions.
“Holy God open our ears to your call our eyes to your presence, our hearts to your love. Give us the courage to say, ‘Here I am Lord, send me.’ Strengthen our faith that we may be willing at all times to heed your call. We pray for all who are called to proclaim your glory, all who seek out the lost, uplift the fallen and comfort the wounded. We pray for the outreach of the church to which we belong. Lord as you have called us Make us worthy of our calling.”

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