LifeLines ( Malcolm Doney  )
LifeLines ( Malcolm Doney  )

LifeLines ( Malcolm Doney ) «9781783526291»

Автор: Malcolm Doney
Серия: Ingram
Брэнд: Ingram
Артикул: 9781783526291
Цена: 409.36 руб.

серия: Ingram

'Wisdom on how to live.' Matt Haig 'Beautiful, wise and playful.' Brene Brown Some days arrive with questions so vast we feel like strangers on earth. Other times our joy makes us feel entirely at home in ourselves. So where do we find inspiration for living a good life? Drawing on lifelines thrown down by poets, thinkers and dreamers, the sceptical and the faithful, Malcolm Doney and Martin Wroe suggest that how we live may be more important than what we believe. How do I make a good decision? Can I forgive him? Will this darkness pass? Do I say something or keep quiet? Less of an instruction manual and more of a sketchbook, these are lines for living rewarding days. 'Sacred text for the more earthy reader.' Bono 'Challenging, profound and generous…' Vanessa Kisuule 'Wonderful combination of hard-won wisdom and memorable quotes.' Richard Rohr

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