The Complete Leader ( Robert Shaw B.  )
The Complete Leader ( Robert Shaw B.  )

The Complete Leader ( Robert Shaw B. ) «9781927355442»

Автор: Robert Shaw B.
Серия: Ingram
Брэнд: Ingram
Артикул: 9781927355442
Цена: 682.73 руб.

серия: Ingram

The Complete Leader: Handbook of Essentials for Human Services Leadership gives leaders within human services organizations with lay or professional leadership responsibilities, over 25 essential practices for human services. Special attention is paid to supervision, case management, evaluation, teamwork and character. The content of this handbook was developed over three decades by respected leader Robert Shaw, working in various services with individuals and families. His approaches are holistic and integrated for both the needs of families and the nature of a human service organization's leaders. It is estimated there are over 100,000 non-profit organizations in Canada and almost 2 million in the USA in the health care, social services, schools and universities, community and recreation services, churches and arts organizations. An estimated 6,000,000 American and 500,000 Canadian lay and professional leaders provide services to troubled children and their families. This book is an essential tool for these leaders in the areas of professional practices, client services and organizational skills.

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